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What Is Artwork Fraud?

You may agree with the fact that where there is money there are scammers. Art fraud is one of the upcoming issues these days. What is art fraud? The purposely false depiction of the artist, age, origins, or work ownership for financial gain.

Art forgery is a kind of art fraud that involves selling of artwork that is falsely credited to some person.

There are some art dealers that falsely claim that particular statue is from 5th-century-BCE Greece. This is done in order to make a greater profit as artwork from this particular time period believed to be more valuable in the contemporary art market.

Art theft is considered as another form of art fraud. It is a criminal activity that involves burglary of the art of cultural property such as paintings, sculptures, and ceramics.

art fraud

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One recent case related to art fraud in which Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev has filed a $380m lawsuit against Sotheby’s.

Dmitry claimed that he was sold works at overestimated values. Due to price misrepresentations, he overpaid to the tune of $1 billion on about 38 artworks.

Method of detecting art forgery

The detection of fraudulent art is difficult despite new approaches. The clumsy copies of previous art are the most obvious forgeries. Usually, forger makes new work just by combining different elements of the original work.

The forger sometime discards details just to show that forged work is the previous version. Investigators should rely on other methods also in order to detect the work of a skilled forger.