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How Talcum Powder Proved Dangerous To Babies?

Talcum powder is the abbreviation of talc. It includes various elements such as magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. Talcum powder is used in many baby products and as cosmetics products because these powders can easily absorb moisture. It is more beneficial for healing skin issues such as rashes and irritation.

Talcum powder is used in various makeup products such as setting powder and foundation. The manufactures who put a lot of chemicals to make a talcum powder for babies, it is very harmful to them. Research suggests that overusing of it leads to talcum powder cancer to both mother and baby.

Baby powder lawsuit
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There are different types of risk that can occur from talcum powder –

  • Ovarian cancer

Most of the researches found that talcum powder links to ovarian cancer. When a woman applies baby powder or any product containing talc to her genital area, the particles of the powder can travel through the vagina into the uterus. This may lead to ovarian cancer.

  • Lung cancer

In comprehensive research, it is found that using talcum powder for a long time, people facing the problem of inhaling and hence it leads to the  development of lung cancer

Lung Cancer
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  • Respiratory problems faced by  infants and children

Several reports of infants and children have become adversely effect of talcum powder.

In a few years ago talcum powder should be considered good for babies but currently, it contains different chemicals that are harmful to babies. Researchers found that this may cause baby powder cancer

Alternative to talcum powder
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Alternative to talcum powder

  • For baby

There are many natural methods to prevent diaper rash in infants. Some of the commercial products to use for your baby skin such as coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter, etc. It will help to reduce skin irritation without putting your baby at risk. Magnesium oil is another safe alternative. It has healing properties that can help to heal diaper rash quickly

  • For mothers

Some of the natural alternatives use powders or products containing talc and help effectively absorb moisture and keep you feeling fresh. If you are looking for a natural alternative for the foundation,  try a new foundation makeup. It is made up of skin healing and ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin e-oil.

If you are interested to read about talcum powder cancer please visit this site get to know about the baby powder and ovarian cancer in great detail.