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Legal Handbook: Taxotere Chemotherapy Drug and Its Side Effects

There would rarely be any person who hasn’t heard the term “Chemotherapy”. But do you know what exactly it is? Chemotherapy refers to the drugs that are used to treat any disease. For instance, Taxotere, a chemotherapy drug is used to treat breast cancer by destroying cancer cells. This drug works by obstructing the development of cancer cells.

But later on, this chemotherapy drug, Taxotere has been found to cause permanent hair loss or alopecia. Taxotere, the drug’s manufacturer, issued its hair loss warnings to the patients in Canada and Europe, but in the US.

Due to this, most people come to know the possible side effect of permanent hair loss after taking Taxotere as a breast cancer drug.  Other than this, this chemotherapy drug also results in low white blood cell count, infections, psychological distress, depression, body image problems, and ongoing suffering.

Taxotere hair loss lawsuit

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Though breast cancer patients and the doctors were not warned of the side effects of Taxotere such as permanent hair loss, they can file a Taxotere hair loss lawsuit against Sanofi the drug manufacturer.

Taxotere Hair Loss

Some people would argue it is obvious to experience hair loss as the possible side effects of chemotherapy. These people should know that permanent hair loss is not something this drug should result in. There is a difference between hair loss and permanent hair loss.

Taxotere hair loss lawsuit

Patients in the US who were prescribed Taxotere for breast cancer treatment were influenced to believe their hair would definitely come back. According to the studies, there are approximately 9% of the patients who suffered from Taxotere permanent hair loss. Don’t miss reading this news which states “Taxotere Cancer Drug Needlessly Causes Permanent Hair Loss”.

It has been also declared that Sanofi’s provide incentives to doctors for marketing Taxotere as the best breast cancer treatment. Therefore between 2000 and 2004, Taxotere sales raised from $424 million to $1.4 billion.