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Filing An Airbag Lawsuit

Wondering if you should file a case for your defective airbag or not?

Well, there are many aspects that will help you decide whether or not you should file a lawsuit because your airbag did not work out.

Following are some questions that you need to answer before filing a case:

Airbag Lawsuit

Should the airbag has deployed in this type of accident under normal circumstances?

Before filing a product liability lawsuit for a faulty airbag, you should first observe the facts of the accident to make sure that the airbags did not work properly.

To find an answer of this question, you can hire the services of an investigator who can inspect the evidence. An important element that we should not forget is the speed in which the car was travelling.

Takata Airbag Lawsuit

Normally, an airbag will deploy if the car is travelling at a particular speed which is equal to or slower than 14 mph.

To hire an investigator for your case, you may visit

Moreover, the accident took place in which part of a vehicle also plays an important role in deploying of the airbags. The front airbags should deploy in frontal impact accidents.

Consequently, if your vehicle gets hit in the front part, then the frontal airbags should have been deployed.

However, if you were hit in the rear part of the vehicle, then your airbag would not be deployed.

Airbag Defect Cases

What is the reason that the airbag didn’t deploy?

In order to file a lawsuit and receive compensation, you need to prove that there is some problem in your airbag due to which it doesn’t get deployed. You can also hire an expert from who has an engineering background to prove that there is something wrong with the airbag.

If the airbag had worked properly, could I have sustained fewer injuries?
You can take help from medical experts who can provide a testimony to prove the fact that if the airbag had worked fine, you may have suffered fewer injuries.