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Why estate planning and trusts are essential?

Proper estate planning will benefit your children after your death. This proper planning will also keep your family away from the unnecessary taxation that will erode your estate.

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Orange County trust attorney is most widely used for the creation of a will. Incase you die without making any will, then there will be no plan as to how your property is to be distributed among your family members, then according to state’s scheme, the authority of determining the distribution of asset would be given to your blood relations.

In this case, your estate can also be given to your family member whom you don’t like at all rather than the individual who took a proper care of you.

If you are having children and they are dependent, then select a guardian who will take the whole responsibility of them if something happens to you and your spouse. Never forget to ask the individual before making him/her as your dependent children’s guardian, as this is the big responsibility so their interest of becoming your children’s guardian is very important.  

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It is also essential for you to name an executor for the estate in the will as this is an individual which will distribute your property after your death. You also have an option of choosing your spouse or any of your trusted child who will do this distribution after your death. If you ever want to change any part of your will, then you have full authority of changing it anytime.

If you are thinking of planning to have a proper estate planning then it is essential for you to have an estate planning checklist. If your property is in joint tenancy then the joint owner will receive the property if you die. Family trust California will help you in several ways to benefit your family members after your death.

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It is also essential for you to list down all your insurance policies that you own because life insurance is also a part of your estate. So, a proper estate planning is essential to give your property in safer hands after your death.