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Difficulties Faced During Knee Replacement Surgery

A person goes under a knee replacement surgery to provide new life to the knee joint. This is an ultimate and permanent solution to the knee joint pain. However, the doctor recommends it to the patient as the last option.

Many people see positive results within few days of the surgery. Though, some people also experience problems after going through the surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery

This surgery is a successful procedure to treat joint pain but in some cases situation gets worse. In such a situation you can take a legal action against the doctor or the hospital.

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Here we are going to discuss the most common knee replacement complications that were experienced by people who go through the surgery.


Swelling is one of the most common complications of the surgery. It usually occurs because of the damage of implant material that was used for the replacement. Other reasons of swelling can be:

  • Infection in the knee joint
  • Overwork or strain to the joint

Knee Replacement Surgery Facts

In most cases, the swelling get improved after some time, but if you have severe swelling then you should immediately consult your orthopedic surgeon. He would determine the reason behind the swelling by carrying out some test.


This is also a commonly found complication of the knee replacement surgery. Majorly, it is because of faulty knee implants.

If you are suffering from any of the complications of a knee replacement surgery and planning to take this matter to court, then you may need a reliable and experienced lawyer who can help you with the case.

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Total Knee Replacement

Unstable knee

This type of complication rarely occurs in patient, around 1% of all cases, and it can get worse with the increase in weight of the patient.


Fractures are the main cause of pain in the knee joint. It can be revealed with the help of an X-ray. You may collect more information on knee replacement and its complication through the internet.

Breakage of components

It occurs due to weakness and excessive pressure put on the knee joint. The knee joint can break and may cause irrepressible pain and damage to victims.